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Start a Premium Rate Sms Service Channel with Viva Sms

Using premium rate sms service providers in Kenya to run your premium rate sms service or bulk sms to earn money

Start your own premium rate sms service for only Ksh 5,000 per month. Using premium rate sms or bulk sms, you can teach millions a language (e.g. Kikuyu, Luo, French), the Bible, Quran, medical facts, the law, finance, business tips, nutrition, fashion, or send people jokes, tech news, daily church teachings, tenders, jobs, beauty tips, marriage tips, investment tips and business ideas, etc and earn from the money they are charged to receive the info by sending bulk sms to your subscribers.

With effective marketing, bulk sms can easily earn you over Kshs 100,000 per month by running your own premium rate sms services with Viva.

To get more information (no commitment), sign up below:


Enter your full name


Enter your active email address


Enter contact telephone number


Enter a description of the kind of information you would be sending subscribers


Propose the keywords that clients would be sending to the shortcode to become subscribers



Compliance and Legal | How to Sms using Premium Rate


Viva Property Solutions ("Viva Sms") DOES NOT operate a telecommunication system or provide any telecommunication services.

Viva Sms receives telecommunication services from premium rate service providers in Kenya licensed by the Communication Commission of Kenya to provide such services.

On signing up with Viva Sms, your legal relationship to Viva Sms will be one of agent, undertaking marketing and content generation activities as well as a paying a monthly fee to Viva Sms. In exchange, Viva Sms, for the length of the contract, confers to you Viva Sms’s existing rights to income generated from the services you market and provide content for.

Please note that at all times, the licensed premium rate service provider shall be the only person operating the telecommunication system and/or providing telecommunication services. Viva Sms shall at all times be the recipient of these services. You shall as Viva Sms’s agent, for the duration of the contract, be the beneficiary of Viva Sms’s rights to the income from the income streams specified in your contract.

For a better understanding of your legal relationship, please request for a copy of the contract from sms@viva.co.ke or review our terms and conditions online.

Viva Sms is always keen on complying with all laws and regulations. In addition to constant review by legal counsel of our practices including those practices relating to consumer protection, telecommunications regulation, copyright, fair practices, employment law, decency laws, professional practice laws, etc, Viva Sms carries out its business in the good faith that it is compliant. If you are concerned about any legal issue as a consumer or as a regulator, please get in touch with us urgently on info@viva.co.ke to resolve any of your concerns.




Why You Should Start A Premium Rate Sms Service Sending Text Messages to Subscribers wuth Viva Sms

Over 16 million people use mobile phones in Kenya. You are able to reach millions of people who are looking for information and are willing to pay you for it through bulk sms. You would be earning upwards of Kes 2.78 shillings per sms which, when you add the numbers up, is quite a return.

How to sms using premium rate sms | How to text message using Premium Rate Sms

Say we have set up for you and shown you how to sms Gujarati Language lessons to your subscribers:

(a)    To introduce a client to your service, you simply ask them to sms your chosen code word, say “Gujarati”, to 5242.

(b)    Once your client sends a text message with the word “Gujarati” to 5242, he shall be automatically registered to receive the daily Gujarati text messages that you provide;

(c)    You will have provided us with a list of sms text messages of Gujarati lessons (say 30 sms text messages, 1 sms text message lesson per day for 30 days);

(d)    Every morning your client will receive one lesson by sms text message for the rest of the month;

(e)    Depending on the volume of sms text messages per month, you will make upwards of Kes 2.78 for every sms text message that is received by your client;

(f)     For example, if you have 5000 clients, you will be sending out 5000 sms text messages per day. At a rate of Kes 3 per sms text message, you will be making Kes 15,000 per day or Kes 450,000 per month. Kenya has 16 million plus mobile users. It is not difficult to secure more than 10,000 users for your service. Do the math;

Ideas for You

There are many ideas that we can show you how to can implement using the premium rate sms service. We can show you how to do the following on premium rate sms:

(a)    How to sms Bible/ Quran quotes;

(b)   How to sms language lessons. This has been very popular in China in teaching English to the Chinese. For example, if you want to teach French or Kikuyu to Kenyans, you will provide an everyday phrase in French with its English Translation - “Comment appelez-vous? - What’s your name”. the possibilities under this category are limitless;

a.      Foreign languages (French, Spanish, German, Chinese) to English;

b.      Local languages (Kikuyu, Swahili, Luo, Luhya) to English;

(c)    How to sms supplier alerts to alert suppliers when a buyer is looking for something. This can be used in the property market, the computer supplies market, the car sales market, etc;

(d)    How to sms business tips where people subscribe to receive business sms text messages;

(e)    How to sms financial training tips where people can receive daily sms text messages on finance;

(f)     How to sms exercise training text messages where people can receive a daily exercise by sms daily;

(g)    How to sms diet text messages where dieting people can receive a recipe or a prescribed meal;

(h)    How to sms info on websites of interest where subscribers can receive a website of interest for the day;

(i)      How to sms inspirational text messageswhere subscribers can receive an inspirational message every morning;

(j)      How to sms jokes where subscribers can receive a joke every morning by sms text message;

(k)    How to sms financial quotes where subscribes can receive daily sms text messages on stock and currency information;

(l)    How to sms specialist news where subscribers can receive daily news on information by sms text messsage that is not open to the public e.g. unpublished tenders, unpublished job opportunities, unpublished contracts;

(m)  How to sms blog updates where subscribers can be alerted daily on the day’s new post by sms text messsage;

(n)  How to sms a restaurant’s Meal of the Day where the day’s meal can be sent to clients by sms text message;

(o)    How to sms individual churches teachings. e.g. the NPC can ask its flock to send the word “NPC” to 5242 to receive daily teachings from their church;

(p)    How to sms jobs alertswhere subscribers receive daily sms text messages on new vacancies;

(q)    How to sms daily text messsages to members of a political groups;

(r)    How to sms legal developments where subscribers receive sms text messages on new developments in the legal world;

(s)     How to sms website referrals where subscribers receive web links every morning on their phones linking to interesting articles on technology and business advances;

(t)     A deals service where subscribers can receive alerts on all manner of deals going down like maize on sale, cars on sale, buyers looking for sugar, etc.

(u)    A weekly stock service where subscribers get the closing price of a share’s (e.g. Safaricom’s) closing price, volumes, p/e ratio, etc.

(v)    An information service that gives subscribers information on companies and markets that would help them invest and trade better on the Nairobi Stock Exchange;

(x) Or even an SMS Lotteries or SMS lotteries like the 6969 Shinda Smart lotteries.

A service celebrating Kenyans where every day subscribers receive the profile of some hardworking Kenyan with a link to a more detailed online profile;

This is only a list of examples. This is not an exhaustive list of what can be done with the service. If you have an idea of any service, please suggest it to us and we’ll implement it for you.

Why you should start your premium rate sms service on bulk sms with Viva Sms

First and foremost, we offer the best customer care and pay fastest (5th day of every month). Other reasons why we are the best include:

1.            Unlike any other provider of this service, we do not charge you a set up fee. Others charge set up fees  of up to Kes 20,000;

2.            Other providers charge as much as Kes 11,000 per month as access fees: Our charges are:

a.            Monthly Contracts for Business Channels - Kes 5,000 per month per channel

b.            Bulk Channels - Kes 20,000 per month for 10 channels.

3.            Others take at least two weeks to set you up. We take 1 day.


Our single disadvantage: We offer only one channel for every type of business. For example, if you take up a channel for the teaching of French, no one else can take up a channel for the same purpose. In the same way, if someone takes up a channel for inspirational alerts, you cannot start a similar competing service.

Call us today on +254 717 33 33 82 or email us on sms@viva.co.ke to book your channel. If you have any quesions, please get in touch or check out our Frequently Asked Questions about Premium Rate Sms in Kenya page.

For ideas on how to market premium rate sms, please visit www.viva.co.ke/ppc.php





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Email: sms@viva.co.ke |Tel: 0717333382 | Karen, Muiri Lane, Nairobi, Kenya


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